Sunday Morning Bible Study

Leader: Bro. Ryan Matlock

Education Ministry

                Our church education ministry is focused on Unity within the church. We have begun a new Sunday morning bible study from pre-school all the way up to our young adults. The Lifeway Bible Study is called “The Gospel Project”. This bible study began in the fall with the story of creation and is working through the bible chronologically over a three year period! We are excited about this study for several reasons.

                First of all it will develop unity within our young families. The parents and the children will study the same story every Sunday morning. This will promote healthy discussion around the dinner table and facilitate family bible study times.

                Secondly, it provides good solid biblical foundations for new believers and new church goers. It promotes a safe environment to ask questions about the bible as we walk through it. It provides thought provoking lessons that challenge believers at every level.

                Last, we believe that through unity and solid bible teaching it promotes growth in our church family. We understand that we can gather every Sunday and study the bible until the cows come home, but if we do not take what we have learned beyond the doors of the church there is no sense in gathering at all! We are called to share the message of Jesus Christ with the world. That starts in your neighborhood. It happens in line at Walmart. All it takes is faith and courage, both of which are provided by God Himself!

                Are you ready to dive into the bible and begin to develop a passion to understand God’s Word? You are invited to join us. We have several different classes that are seeking to serve God and people for the glory of God!

All of our Sunday Morning Bible Study classes gather at 9:45am every Sunday Morning.

Children, Youth & Young Adults – The Gospel Project

Men’s – The Gospel Project

Ladies – The Gospel Project

Co-ed – The Gospel Project